Make Life Easy With Catlin Bank ATM Cards

Catlin Bank ATM/Debit Cards

All of our ATMs accept cash and check deposits. 




 This free service combines a Debit card and an ATM card all into one. It is a convenient way to access your checking account while making a purchase or withdrawing cash wherever you are.




 This free service can offer a convenient, smart way to pay for business expenses. Not only can you use it to make purchases, you can also use your card to get cash at an ATM. You will receive authorization for immediate shipment of any mail, phone or internet orders. This card will reduce your need for checks, automatically deducts funds from your business checking account, and allows you to set spending controls for your employees. You will receive detailed monthly bank statements for easy account reconciliation.


Talk to a customer service representative at 217-427-2176 to apply for a personal or business Visa Debit/ATM card.  




 We have three ATM locations to serve you. Bank 24/7 in Catlin at 109 East Vermilion Street, in Georgetown at 1002 N Main Street, and in Danville at 303 N Gilbert St (in front of Napa Auto)  


How can you OPT IN to continue your Catlin Bank ATM/DEBIT CARD OVERDRAFT COVERAGE?

We are no longer able to provide this courtesy automatically, unless YOU tell us to keep it by OPTING IN.


Click here to get more details and the OPT IN form to select your option.

Click here to get more details about our Overdraft Plans .