5 Consideratons in Looking for a Rural Home

Monday, January 18, 2016
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Are you thinking about buying or building a home in a rural area? A rural location offers the peace and benefits of living in the country and taking life at a slower pace. You’re more self-reliant and free to make your own decisions, and you can raise your family the way you want. Before you go seeking rural loans in Vermillion County for your future plans, be sure to consider these issues about your new home.
Rural Home Buying


Take a look at the property that interests you and decide if it’s close enough to your job (if you work away from home), local schools, shopping, and other conveniences. Many people like to get away from these things and don’t mind driving to reach them, but keep in mind how your kids will get to school on a snowy day before deciding.

Services and Utilities

You may find that services and utilities are more of a hassle in rural areas. Find out what you’ll need to do to obtain TV, Internet, and other daily amenities in your life. Basics such as water and electricity should also be researched. Don’t forget to figure out how to dispose of waste; you’ll likely need to have a septic system installed if you’re building a new home.


This will only be a concern if you’re building a new home or plan on adding to an existing structure. Find out what the rules and requirements are for your property. You should also research any future plans for the surrounding area. It won’t be a dream home for long if you soon find your rural paradise is slated to have a new housing development or office park go up next door.

Boundaries and Roads

Check out the boundary lines of your new property. A professional surveyor will be able to give you the best information about this, which will be necessary before adding any structures or roads. For that matter, examine the current roads and make sure you will have easy access to your home in all conditions.

Mother Nature

Many people are attracted to the tranquility of nature found in rural areas and don’t realize that the peace and quiet can sometimes come with surprising and exciting natural events. Examine your future property by checking for nearby bodies of water that might flood. Consider buying flood insurance if you’ll be living in a high-risk area. In hilly or rocky areas, find out how stable the land is over time. Be sure to research that your property is not part of any wildlife habitat areas that are protected and may cause you to change any future building plans you may have.
Mother Nature and Selecting a New Home
With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to create your dream home and enjoy the many benefits of rural living. When it comes time to seal the deal, contact Catlin Bank Mortgage Loans to help finance your future plans.

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