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Wednesday  11/25/2015
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Catlin Bank Privacy Policy

Since 1904 the Catlin Bank has been very sensitive about its customer information. It is for the customer's use only. This is a cornerstone of the bank. Customer trust is the major component of all of our accounts and services.

Only bank employees can access customer information for the purpose of assisting the customer.

The bank does not aggregate data nor profile any customer information. It uses other marketing methods to assist in account and service development.

The bank does not sell nor provide information to any third party.

The Internet provides another doorway through which the customer comes to the bank. The Catlin Bank wants the customer to have the confidence to use the entry.

You may ask yourself why banks using the internet have created "Privacy Policies" and posted them on their website. That policy has been posted because the bank is capable of collecting information about an Internet user's visit to the website. The collected information can be personal, habit defining, account choices, and areas of interest just to mention a few. This information becomes valuable to the bank because it suggests why an internet user visits the website.

That same information becomes even more valuable when analyzed to "profile" the internet user. It can be aggregated with other bank data not available on the Internet. By combining the pieces of information the bank can create profiles of customers that help the bank provide better products and services to its customers.

Privacy becomes an issue with most banks and internet users when the bank decides to transfer the information to a third party.That could be a bank subsidiary or another business, which purchases profiled data from the bank. With this information the bank customer becomes a marketing target for another company.Depending how the sets of information are mixed to create the profile, the Internet user's sensitive information can be compromised.

The Catlin Bank does not aggregate data nor profile customers.

The Catlin Bank does not sell customer information to third parties.

The Catlin Bank knows its customer is the bank's most valuable asset and will do nothing to impair that relationship.

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